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Heather Rose In Clover use the sharp end of their broken hearts to sculpt 90’s rock into polished, alterna-post-punk-pop. This high-energy trio out of Providence, RI will give you all the feels, from elation and camaraderie to those felt during a bad breakup or those feelings you may experience after watching a sappy made-for-tv-movie.

Heather Rose, Lisa Middleton and Chris Alvarado combine their talents to create a fresh mix of rich musical styles while ignoring genre boundaries and never misplacing their rock n’ roll roots. Together they have built a new musical structure atop the pop rock foundation that songwriter Heather Rose solidified throughout her extensive music career!

Heather Rose In Clover’s debut album, Canyons, is a cohesive collection of 12 songs, each depicting a different moment of the same life. Written over a span of 10yrs, Canyons displays how our thoughts on love, heartache, loss, and hope can be altered by self-reflection and experience. Heather’s lyrics are relatable, detailed, and original in their approach connected by metaphors, uncommon; yet spot on. These songs, her stories, will feel like your stories… told in a way you never thought to tell them.

Canyons  Premiered on MEDIUM    Officially Released: March 30, 2019

Canyons Premiered on MEDIUM

Officially Released: March 30, 2019

It’s as if Sleater-Kinney and Belly’s music from that time period (90’s) melded with ’70s powerpop like Cheap Trick and Big Star.” -MEDIUM

”The debut single, ‘Go Back To Ohio’, just blew me away. The “crashed my city, trashed my heart” lyrics are just fire. The pause and then boom in the intro almost has a Ramones borrowed from Cheap Trick thunder. Canyons is like a Restaurant Week meal where it serves up a full course... as good of a narrative as Springsteen with a passion that is their own.” -MOTIF MAGAZINE

”Heather Rose In Clover’s ‘Satellites’ is packed with mid-90’s alternative power pop, and I’m hearing similarities to bands like Fuzzy, Velocity Girl, and Belly all over this song. It’s filled with swirling, slightly distorted guitars and some insanely catchy hooks.
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